Compass+ Recalibrating To The Future

One Plus One Productions working together with Compass College of Film and Media to strategically help the college grow and expand to offering new courses that future-focused. Compass+ is designed to equip aspiring filmmakers with the skills and knowledge they need to navigate the rapidly changing landscape of the film and entertainment industry.

Making Celebrations Come Alive

Casa Martin is the perfect ambience to celebrate any special event. See how One Plus One Productions makes celebrations come alive through life’s special occasions in a charming authentic Mexican scenery. We love partnering with Casa Martin and Chef Roger Martin to bring their gourmet dishes and charming dining space to life.

Chef Amber of Authentic Kitchens

Authentic Kitchens is on a mission to create a seamless access for chefs and their strategic vendors allowing them to serve personalized and memorable culinary experiences for the customers. Watch our short video featured Chef Amber of Authentic Kitchens cooking her famous dish, Corn Maque Choux with citrus crusted scallops.

Helping Hands By Way Cool People

Learn how Way Cool People brings individuals, tourists, corporations and friends to come alongside them as helping hands to serve the needs community of Caribe, a very poor neighborhood highly effected by hurricane and tropical storms. See how One Plus One Productions captures the work of those investing to build up this community.

A Thyme & Seasoning for Everything

One Plus One Productions works with small upcoming businesses to help promote their products and services. See our work shooting and producing a fun commercial for Itzie’s Garden everything toppings by Jamie Gambino. With various everything toppings, Itzie’s Garden adds delightful flavors to a variety of dishes.

Casa Martin Tierra Adentro Wine Tasting

Join Tierra Adentro wine maker for a special wine tasting at Casa Martin restaurant. See how One Plus One Productions captures special private event settings such as this one. We love capturing great memories and bringing the joy of sharing wine and food together through video.

Linguini Habanero by Chef Martin

One Plus One Productions produces their first cooking class with Chef Roger Martin. Learn how Chef Roger creates his specialty dish, Linguini Habanero. This dish is a long-time favorite of all tourists and guests visiting Casa Martin. Learn how Chef Roger walks you through step by step on how to recreate this signature gourmet special that will delight any palate.

Gigi Learns to Swing

One Plus One Productions captures a short video of a child learning to swing. Beyond what is visible is the story behind a teacher and child and the connection that is made when an adult takes the time, the love, and the care to provide learning and growth that will inspire a child and be implanted in their memory forever.

Authentic Kitchens Features Chef Leon’s Cuisine

Previous slide Next slide So amazing!! I think the cinematic quality of the video produced by Grace & Michelle differentiates itself from the rest.” Noel FOUNDER & CEO, AUTHENTIC KITCHENS